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October 23 - November 21


Scorpio is the eighth Sign in Zodiac, and one shouldn't take Scorpios lightly. They are dead serious in their mission to learn about others. Scorpio's curiosity is immeasurable, that is why they are such good investigators. They love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. They have a keen sense of intuition & that too certainly helps them in their mission.

Scorpion is the sign that symbolizes Scorpios &  those born under this Sign are the ones who are in full control of their destiny. They are quite the executives in life and see to it that things go forward. Others may find them overbearing and  self-destructive, but they have tremendous regenerative powers, much like the literal Scorpion can lose its tail and promptly grow a new one. They are Fearless & rarely lose, they just keep on going, as they are stubborn and determined to succeed in life. They work very hard as then they can someday sit back and feel satisfied with themselves. These  are very passionate and filled with desire. They're very complex and secretive, so you should not expect to get much out of them. Scorpios are surprisingly very resourceful also.





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