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     Guest Articles

     Below are some of the nice Guest Articles by different Authors. Articles Range from Starting your Internet Business to

     Changing your Eating Habits, from Perfume to Spam, from Sudoku Puzzle, Your Romantic Life. Insomnia, Credit Card

     Traps , Women starting Business to Downloading movies....... Enjoy Reading.



See the Birthday of Britney Spears and Other 1980s Star Babies

The 1980s was a glorious decade to say the least. This decade initiated great cultural and technological advances which still are shaping the world in which we live today. Companies launched in this decade include CNN, MTV, USA Today,

Jessica Simpson and the New Dukes of Hazzard

Before jessica simpson became the fun loving pop-teen idol, she was

a young member of her church choir in Dallas, TX. Discovered by the music industry while attending a summer church camp, she later became a hit on the Christian Youth Conference concert tour circuit

Paris Hilton's Sleek Sedu Hairstyles

Paris hilton has some of the most elegant sedu hairstyles. You can view her photos on various places on the Internet. These paris hilton sedu hairstyles are simpler to perform than you may think.

Love - How To Look Romantic?

Go through your list of celebrities quickly in your mind. Tell me who out of them looks most romantic to you? Who do you think will take your breath away if you are asked to meet them? The looks, the walk, the talk, the body language, and the charisma these make a person romantic.


Quiz- Are You Romancing In Love?

Have you experienced romantic love when you have sent flowers for no reason? When you sent hundreds of ecards in a single day. When you wrote poetry for your beloved and he/she heard it as if it was a piece of great art?


Stop Insomnia And End Your Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is a common sleep sickness that has bothered many people around the world. But the consequences brought about by this disorder may not be as ordinary as it may seem. It can be downright punishing. .................


Relationship Quiz - Do You Know About Your Partners Mind?

I was watching him. Sometimes, he was giving a faint smile. Then he started looking at the ceiling and then started changing his feet position while sitting. After that he was sitting still for some more time. Then he got up and left...

Credit Card Traps?

For people with a spotty credit card history or bad credit, it can be difficult to get approved for a regular credit card. There are a number of credit card options that are aimed specifically at people who have bad credit and are trying to rebuilt it. There are also, unfortunately, a lot of folks..........


10 Reasons For Women To Start An Internet Business

Starting an internet business is in my opinion, one of the fastest and smartest ways women today can make money. Here are 10 reasons for starting an internet business, and one reason why you shouldn't!


Big Decorating Ideas For Small Rooms On A Tight Budget!

Decorating a small room is one of the biggest challenges many families have in their homes today. Making a small room work for your loved ones can be frustrating and confusing. Here are some great low budget ways to simply transform your small rooms no matter what your budget!


Home Furnishing- Romantic Bedrooms

Our idea of romantic bedrooms depend upon our beliefs about romance overall. What generates images of romance for some doesn't even light a spark for others, much less a fire. This can be very true for two people who have been together for many years.

Home Furnishing Ideas

Not all home decorating ideas require a heavy investment of time and money. If you're looking for a few affordable home interior decorating ideas to freshen up a room over a weekend, try these ten...


Google Adsense & Start Your Internet Business

Today I am going to share with you something which shall give you a new look about this Internet & Internet Age. There are millions of Websites & Trillion of WebPages on the Internet & of course each one is a creation of some human being only ( Any alien cannot make any website)..................


Need A Loan For Your Home Business?

Very few people can afford to start a business using nothing but the money they've got lying around in their bank accounts. For most of us, we're going to need to get a loan before we'd have anywhere near enough money to invest in starting up...........................


Changing Your Eating Habits

Because all of us have been brought up eating junk food, well most of us, it is not easy to change our eating habits. Your eating habits have developed since childhood based on what your mothers or fathers cooked and what your psychological make-up was during that time...................



There is not an ultimate advice because everyone interprets odors in their own way, and the same fragrance can smell totally different considering type of skin, hair color, temperament and even the season of a year. There are important nuances if you do not want to seem vulgar or lacking of taste..................


We all get spam, and we all hate it. I always thought it would be great if I could open some spam, press a button on my computer and have a zillion volts of electricity shoot through the phone lines all the way to the computer that sent the spam and turn it into a smoldering pile of metal and plastic..................

Cost Of Buying A New Car

One of life's joys is buying a new car. The excitement of looking through those glossy brochures, choosing the brand, model, colour, plus the features is incredible. Ask most men and I'm sure they'll tell you it's one of the things they enjoy most in the world. And these days, with women reported to be involved.........

7 Habits of Highly Successful Small Business Owners

Do you spend every waking minute in your business? Do you find it difficult to take time out for you? Are you constantly working in a mess? Unfortunately there are far too many business owners working too long and too hard. They tend to be involved in every htmlect of their business from..........


Downloading movies

There are many online websites for downloading movies, though the legality issue was still a major question mark until recently, especially since sites downloading music like Napster were shut down. The big news for many computer junkies recently was that the companies of Movielink and CinemaNow are recognized as .................


Celebrity Sunglasses

Every celebrity out there knows the real value of a pair of designer sunglasses. Whether it's to hide the effects of a late night out on the town or an effort to blend in on the street, a pair of quality sunglasses is absolutely indispensable. We've seen a lot of trends come and go, but a great pair of sunglasses will always transcend the passing fads of the day.........


Sudoku Puzzle

"Sudoku (Japanese), also known as Number Place, is a logic-based placement puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 99 grid made up of 33 subgrids (called "regions"), starting with various digits given in some cells (the "givens"). Each row, column, and region...



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