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Numerology - Number 7                                                 Click here for previous Page

The number 7 is the Seventh number & it is  generally  believed that it represents Planet Neptune, so number 7 people are those who  are born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month but they are influenced by this number more if they are born in between 21st June to July 27th which in Zodiac is called "The house of moon'. Neptune is always associated with moon.

Moon is generally given the number 2 ,so number 7 has their secondary number as 2 & they make very good friends with number 2 born , as born on 2nd, 11th, 20th,  of any month, especially if they are born in the House of Moon, from  21st June to 31st July.

Number 7 people are very much  original, independent & have strong individuality. At heart they love travel & change & are generally restless in their nature. If they have money , they visit far away lands, foreign countries . They would always want to know more of  far away lands.

 Similarly they shall  be interested in travel books also & shall have  a great knowledge of world at large.

They generally make good painters, writers, poets, & they are generally philosophical also in their thoughts & outlook. They care less for the material things & are having original ideas to become rich. If they have more money they make donations, charities etc.

The women of this number generally marry well, as they are anxious of future & generally settle down well in life.


They are good at business but have original ideas to carry on. They become interested in Sea matters & trade & business related to sea.. They become good merchants, importers & exporters, dealing with foreign countries.

They are having certain ideas about religion & shall create a religion of their own than following the beaten track. They have a leaning towards occultism, intuition & clairvoyance & influence others also in this subject.

 So any person born on he 7th, 16th or 25th  of any month shall have all these qualities in  their  personality.

Dates of any month when they should carry out their ideas & plans........7th, 16th or 25th  of any month.  

Days of the week very lucky for these  people..........Sunday & Monday. 

So if  number  7 people carry on/start  their plans on  Sunday & Monday , they shall be lucky in  whatever they do.   

Lucky colors for number 7......... All shades of  Green, white & yellow, & pale shades, but  should avoid dark   colors.  

Lucky jewel...........  Moonstones, pearls & they should wear it next to their skin.


World Famous personalities born with Number 7 


Queen Elizabeth Born 7th Sep.         So Key Number is  7
Charles Dickens                Born 7th Feb. So Key Number is  7
Oscar Wilde Born 16 Oct.    So Key Number is  7
William Wordsworth  Born 7th April.     So Key Number is  7
Philips D. Armour         Born 16th May.        So Key Number is  7
Andrew Carnegie Born 25th Nov. So Key Number is  7
Sir Isaac Newton Born 25th Dec. So Key Number is  7
Rousseau ( French poet) Born 16th April.          So Key Number is  7
Robert Browning (Poet)  Born 7th May.         So Key Number is  7
Lord Rosebery          Born 7th May.  So Key Number is  7
Louis XIV                     Born 16th Sep.    So Key Number is  7
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