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Numerology - Number 6                                                 Click here for previous Page

The number 6 is the Sixth number & it is  generally  believed that it represents Planet Venus, so number 6 people are those who are born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month but they are influenced by this number more if they are born in between 20th April to May 27th and from 21st September to 27th October. 

Number 6 people are very much loved by others, they are extremely magnetic & people working under them worship them as their icon.

They are always very much determined in carrying out their thoughts & plans & work very hard to achieve that. They are unyielding & become passionate in whatever they love.

As number 6 is influenced by Planet Venus,they are more prone to love , still their love is not sensual & its generally "Mother Love."

 They expect idealness in their matters of affections. They have most of the qualities of Venus & they love beautiful things, their homes are artistically decorated & are fond of good, rich colors. They love music & painting.


They are very fond of art & artists, they love to enjoy with their friends & make everyone happy in their company but they can't stand jealousy & discord.

If they get angry, they shall fight it to death than yielding to anyone. The number 6 people have a great power to make more friends than any other class except number 5, but especially if persons are born in the series of  3, 6, 9. 

 So any person born on he 6th, 15th or 24th of any month shall have all these qualities in  their  personality.

Dates of any month when they should carry out their ideas & plans........ 6th, 15th or 24th of any month.  

Days of the week very lucky for these people..........Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

So if number 6 people carry on/start their plans on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday , they shall be lucky in whatever they do.   

Lucky colors for number 6........... All shades of Blue, from darkest to the lightest & also all shades of pink, but should avoid dark purple & black colors.  

Lucky jewel...........  Turquoise. Emeralds are also lucky for them & they should wear it next to their skin.


World Famous personalities born with Number 6 


Queen Victoria of England Born 24th May.         So Key Number is  6
Napoleon I                   Born 15th August . So Key Number is  6
Cecil Rodes Born 6th July.    So Key Number is  6
Joan of Arc  Born 6th Jan.     So Key Number is  6
Alfred Tennyson(Poet)         Born 6th August.        So Key Number is  6
Max Muller Born 6th Dec. So Key Number is  6
Sir Walter Scott Born 6th Dec. So Key Number is  6
Sir Henry Irving Born 6th Feb.          So Key Number is  6
Admiral Peary  Born 6th May.         So Key Number is  6
Grace Darling (Heroine)          Born 24th Nov.  So Key Number is  6
Michael Angelo (Painter)                     Born 6th March.    So Key Number is  6
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