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      Numerology - Number 5                 Click here for previous Page

The number 5 is the fifth number & it is  generally  believed that it represents Planet Mercury, so number 5 people are mercurial  & very versatile in all of their characteristics. 

Number 5 people make friends very easily with others & are friendly to persons born under any number but their best friends are those who are born under their own number such as 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month.  

They are very highly strung on their nerves & appear to create excitement. They are very quick in thought & decision .They are very good at making money & easily apply all those methods which produce money. They have a keen sense of making money by new ideas & inventions. They speculate things & in Stock exchange matters excel others. They are ready to take risk & are generally successful in it.

They have elasticity of character & come out quickly from the heaviest blow. They do not carry on the things for long; like mercury their planet ,the blows of fate leave no marks on their character. If they are by nature good, they shall remain so & if bad, they shall remain bad & no one's ideas can change them.


 So any person born on 5th, 14th  or 23rd  of  any month shall have all these qualities in  their  personality, but especially if they are born  between the 21st May and the 27th June,  or born between the 21st Aug. and the 27th Sep.    

Their main faults are that they exhaust their nervous strength to such an extent that they do get nervous breakdown & under tension of mind they become irritable.

Dates of any month when they should carry out their ideas & plans........ 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month.  

Days of the week very lucky for these people..........Wednesday & Friday.

So if number 5 people carry on/start their plans on Wednesday & Friday , they shall be lucky in whatever they do.   

Lucky colors for number 5........... All shades of Glistening materials, White & Light Grays.  

Lucky jewel...........  Diamond & all glittering things, also ornaments made of silver & platinum & they should wear it next to their skin.


World Famous personalities born with Number 5 


Prince Charles Born 14th Nov.         So Key Number is  5
Shakespeare                        Born 23rd April . So Key Number is  5
Karl Marx Born 5th May.    So Key Number is  5
Louis XVI    Born 23rd Aug.     So Key Number is  5
Empress Eugenie         Born 5th may.        So Key Number is  5
Fahrenheit Born 14th May So Key Number is  5
Lord Lister Born 5th April. So Key Number is  5
Samuel Pepys. Born 23rd Feb.          So Key Number is  5
Thomas Hood ( Poet)    Born 23rd May.         So Key Number is  5
Josephine, Queen of France          Born 23rd June.  So Key Number is  5
Handel (Composer)                      Born 23rd Feb.    So Key Number is  5
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