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Numerology - Number  3                                                   Click here for previous Page

The number 3 is the third number & it is  generally believed that it represents Planet Jupiter. It has a special relation to every third in the series, such as 3, 6, 9, and all its additions.   3, 6, 9 people are all sympathetic to each other. 

People born with this number 3 are like the number 1 individuals, & are very ambitious, their aim is to rise very high in life & never feel satisfied working in subordinate positions, they like to be Boss in every field.

 They want authority & control over others. They love discipline & order in all things & are very good in execution of commands ; they readily obey orders themselves, but like & insist on having their orders obeyed.

Number 3 people often excel in positions of authority in government, navy or army & in other fields also. They rise to a very high positions in business or any other profession in which they work. Sometimes they become dictatorial , which quality they should avoid.

They are very proud & dislike under obligation to others; they are  also  exceptionally independent, & resist restraint.


So any person born on 3rd , 12th , 21st or 30th of any month shall have all these qualities in their personality, but especially if they are born between the 19th Feb. and the 27th  March, or between 21st Nov. to Dec. 27th. 

Number 3 people get along very well with the people who have also number 3 as their key number. Other than number 3, number 6& number 9  people get along well  or who are born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th, 6th , 15th, 24th, 9th, 18th , 27th of any month.

Dates of any month when they should carry out their ideas & plans........ 3rd, 12th , 21st or 30th of any month .   

Days of the week very lucky for these people..........Tuesday ,Thursday & Friday ....... Thursday being their key day.

So if number 3 people carry on/start their plans on Tuesday ,Thursday & Friday ....... they shall be lucky in whatever they do.   

Lucky colors for number 2 ........... All shades  of Violet, purple or some shades of mauve. All shades of rose, blue & crimson are also favorable for them.  

Lucky jewel...........  Amethyst.....& they should  wear it next to their skin.


World Famous personalities born with Number 3 


Abraham Lincoln              Born 12th Feb.        So Key Number is  3
Mark twain                        Born 30th Nov.         So Key Number is  3
George iv Born 12th Aug.          So Key Number is  3
Lord Russell       Born 12th Aug.            So Key Number is  3
Darwin Born 12th Feb.        So Key Number is  3
Rudyard Kipling               Born 30th Dec.  So Key Number is  3
King George v    Born 3rd June So Key Number is  3
Winston Churchill                           Born 30th Nov.           So Key Number is  3
Pope Benedict      Born 21st Nov.          So Key Number is  3
Voltaire            Born 21st Nov.      So Key Number is  3
Sir Alferd Austin (Poet)                            Born 30th May      So Key Number is  3
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