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Banta’s Ailing Buffalo

Banta was serious for his buffalo was suffering from a mystery illness. He approached his friend Santa and asked, “Wasn’t your buffalo also down with the same illness last year?"
Santa replies in the affirmative.

“What medicine did you administer?” asked Banta.

Santa tells him that he gave 250 grams of opium to it.
Banta goes to the market, buys 250 grams of opium and serves the same to his ailing buffalo. The next day, he met Santa again and informed that his buffalo had died immediately after consuming opium.

“So, what so surprising? Even my buffalo died at the spot,” replied Santa disarmingly.



I'll never forget that horrible evening I took my grandmother to the emergency room. And after an hour of pacing the doctor said, "Your grandmother is on an artificial life support system. Although her brain is dead, her heart is still beating." I said, "Oh my God, we've never had a Democrat in the family before."



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